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Your new go-to deck for relationship readings, The Final Rose Tarot spills the tea and leaves no juicy detail up to imagination. Manifest romance and let the gossip (and rosé) flow. 

Deck Specs

· 78 vibrant cards with eye-catching illustrations, plus a sneaky bonus card ;)

· Thicc cardstock and a luxe velvety matte finish

· Gold foil stamping and opulent gilded edges for an extra pop


· 78 witty and detailed card descriptions

· Keyword associations for easy and accessible readings



2.75 "W x 4.75" D


3.25" W x 5.25" H x 2" D


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Absolutely love the deck!! I do readings for people outside of myself and planned to use this as a romance deck exclusively. Not anymore, it's such a great deck!! Super insightful, very very useful and honest about situations. They make me think about cards in different ways, and holy crap some of the names for these cards are just too coincidental. 'What are his intentions? Will he break up with her?' Self elimination came out, couldn't be clearer!! Beyond the actual mesages themselves (which again are AMAZING) the deck is really high quality, feels fantastic to shuffle, and the box it comes in is nice and sturdy too. I NEVER leave reviews this long, but I just finished a reading and the accuracy of the cards blew my mind so I had to come hype this deck up!! It's way more universal than I thought it'd be. Also, fast delivery ;)

— Katie W.


Jeeze this gives me a retro 80’s vibe like no other yet it’s modern, fresh. First thought is Gem and The Holograms. It’s nostalgia in my hands. That pink, that gold, ugh it’s too, too good. You don’t have to have even heard of the tv show to appreciate this. Also, the production quality is amazing.

— Mrmarles


This deck is by far the most beautiful tarot deck I have ever seen. I absolutely love the meanings in the guide books also, they are a great interpretation of the original tarot meanings in a modern way. If you guys make more decks I will be the first in line because this is absolutely stunning. I want to frame it on my wall! So beautiful.

— Olivia M.