The Final Rose Tarot: About The Project

Introducing The Final Rose Tarot - the most dramatic tarot deck yet!
We appreciate you so much for supporting our dream and helping us bring this tarot deck to glorious fruition!
Lovers of the Tarot and Cheesy Reality Dating Shows rejoice!
Finally a tarot deck that encompasses all your interests. This fun and funky deck helps you deep dive into pressing life issues, with a reminder to not take everything so seriously. Lighthearted and super colorful, the deck is as fun to look at as it is to use. The perfect gift for the trashy-witch in your life. :) Put on your rose colored glasses and get ready to find love (and yourself). 
Born of a passionate love affair with our favorite reality dating show and our study of the tarot - the Final Rose Tarot is a kitschy and optimistic exploration of what it means to embark on a Journey for Love.
The traditional tarot is used by many as a tool to help gain clarity on life’s mysteries, to help become unstuck in tough situations, and to help reveal what is truly in our hearts. It’s our most sincere wish that the Final Rose Tarot can help you find your own Right Reasons for being here. ;) This deck is perfect for beginners and advanced tarot lovers alike.
Through obsessive investigation, we have thoroughly dissected every element that is alchemized to make our favorite show such a success. We have unearthed the magic that draws us in to watch the greek tragedy of the people on stage in their most dramatic moments, as contestants vie for the affection of one person. Each player hopes to be standing at the end of the journey with an engagement and a dream of an ever-lasting love. We found ourselves asking ‘what goes on behind the scenes to bring it all together?’ ‘What metaphors can we see reflected in our own sojourn to fulfill our dreams?'.
We have reimagined the 78 traditional tarot cards into new, but still familiar, archetypes based on the characters and challenges one might face in their own journey.
This deck was created as a fun way to accessibly connect to the esoteric meanings of the tarot, while reminding us to not take things so seriously.