Born of a passionate love affair with our favorite reality dating show, our study of the tarot and quarantine — the Final Rose Tarot came to be.


The Final Rose Tarot is the lovechild of our guilty pleasure (absolute trash tv) and our study of the tarot. It’s our antidote to doom-and-gloom spirituality, cause honestly we’re tired of taking sh*t so seriously! 😋

The project started as something fun to mess around with and quickly took on a life of it’s own. Before we knew it we were knee-deep in styling promo pictures and photoshopping mockups. 3 whirlwind months after the idea came to us we launched our campaign on Kickstarter to fund the first pressing.


Hi! We’re Lindsey Millen and Amelia Rose, two Los Angeles based creators. Lindsey runs a design and branding house - Superstition Studio, and Amelia is a tattooer and illustrator. We wanted to imbue this deck with the carefree whimsical vibes we try to embody. We hope you enjoy this kitschy fever-dream as much as we do! ;)

Superstition Studio ⋆ website & social
Amelia Rose Tattoo ⋆ website & social


We couldn't have done it without the support of our amazing contributors, and want to give them big love and a shout out!

Amelia Rebecca wrote the card descriptions and absolutely nailed it, Sarah Fischer is our editor and copywriter, Eli Millen was our photographer + videographer for our Kickstarter Campaign.

Product photography credit:
Angela Jazmín Studio